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What is the main benefit of concierge internal medicine over a traditional primary care practice?

Access to your personal physician, when, where and for how long you need them.

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What is the cost to enroll?

For adults over the age of 30:
2200/year, 1800/year for a spouse
For young adults ages 18-29:
1000/year – (not to exceed 2000 per family for all young adults enrolled)
Fees can be paid by via check or credit card, and flexible payment options are available

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What does the annual fee cover?

Access to your personal physician 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via phone, email or text
Unlimited office visits
Longer patient visits, up to 90 minutes as needed
Coordination/scheduling of all tests and specialist visits as needed
Home visits as needed
In-hospital, in person coordination of care with the treating hospitalist team.
All in-office treatment and procedures, including yearly influenza vaccination
4 visits per year with a registered dietitian nutritionist

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What is not covered by the annual fee?

Out-of-office testing or services not provided by Dr. Stumacher (e.g. radiology, lab specimen processing, stress testing, etc.)
Vaccinations other than yearly influenza vaccine

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How does the practice work with insurance?

Dr. Stumacher does not charge insurance for any of his services, thus his services may not be submitted for reimbursement through private insurance or medicare. Pre-tax money in health savings accounts or flexible spending accounts MAY be used to pay the yearly fee. At this time, the yearly fee CANNOT be counted toward an insurance deductible.

All services provided by other physicians or facilities will be billed through insurance by the performing entity and are subject to associated deductibles and co-pays (self-pay patients will be billed directly).

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How can I reach Dr. Stumacher when I need him?

During office hours it is best to first call the office directly. You may also, at anytime, reach Dr. Stumacher directly on his cell phone via text or phone call, or via email. After hours, for non-urgent issues, you may leave a message with the answering service by calling the office and Dr. Stumacher will return your message as soon as possible.

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At which hospitals is Dr. Stumacher on staff?

Dr. Stumacher is on staff at Lankenau Medical Center and Bryn Mawr Hospital, and can see you there in coordination with the primary treatment team if you are admitted to either of these hospitals. This way, you will always have your personal physician involved in your in-patient care.

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What if I want to receive care at another hospital or from a specialist in another health system?

Dr. Stumacher is able to help coordinate treatment at any facility you choose, and has many patients who get their care from many physicians and hospitals throughout the Philadelphia area and beyond.

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What happens when Dr. Stumacher is sick or on vacation?

Coverage will be provided by another concierge physician who will be available to meet your medical needs in the same manner as Dr. Stumacher.

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My medical condition precludes me from going to the doctor’s office due to physical limitations? Can I still enroll in the practice?

Yes, Dr. Stumacher is able to make home visits for all patients, and does have patients for whom home visits are the exclusive way in which he manages their care.

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I spend part of the year out of town in a second home. Does it make sense for me to have a concierge physician in this area?

Yes. If you spend a lengthy period away from the Philadelphia area, Dr. Stumacher is still able to coordinate your care with the physicians and hospitals in your secondary area. Most important, you will still have the opportunity to communicate with and be cared for by a physician that knows you and is dedicated to your well-being, regardless of residence.

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Does Dr. Stumacher work with anybody to help manage his practice?

Yes, Dr. Stumacher works with Total Access Medical, a Lower Merion-based management company, to help administer his practice. Additional information can be found on their website

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How can I find out more about Dr. Stumacher’s practice to see if it is right for me before signing up?

You can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation Meet and Greet with Dr. Stumacher in his office to learn more about him and the practice before signing up. Call the office directly at 484-270-1904 or email to schedule this appointment.

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